Custom Home Building in the Peterborough Ontario Area

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About M. Parlevliet Construction

I'm Mike Parlevliet, the owner of M. Parlevliet Construction. Over the past 21 years, I've built and consulted on more than 275 Linwood custom homes in the Kawarthas and Muskokas regions of Ontario.

With each home building project, I work closely with my customers to make sure they are getting the best possible result. I also ensure they understand all aspects of the project before it goes forward. I have built and lived in three Linwood homes with my family, my present home being a Linwood. My approach is to treat each project as if it were my home being built. With 30 years of experience in construction, you can depend on M. Parlevliet Construction to build it right.

Please feel free to contact me directly at 705-749-8862 to discuss your home project.

Sincerely, Mike Parlevliet

What My Customers Say

Three short months was all it took for Mike Parlevliet and the rest of his crew to turn their waterfront lot into a 2,600 square foot dream home. There were very few surprises and it all worked out really well.

- Garry McClean, Ontario

I'd describe Mike Parlevliet as a true professional with an extremely knowledgeable crew who know how to get the job done right. Mike made building easy. He guided me through every step, made sure I understood the decisions that needed to be made, and completed the job on time and budget. I've never heard of a custom home build going so well.

- Brian Starke, Ontario

We are very pleased with the result of our Linwood home. Mike Parlevliet and his building crew were great. They had a real focus on quality.

- Lisa Cumber, Ontario

We're very pleased with the framing job by Mike Parlevliet. He's a super guy and his work is excellent.

- Joe Scopes, Ontario

This was a much more pleasant experience than the last time we built a home. One of the main reasons was the helpful professionalism of Mike Parlevliet and his crew.

- Horst Graf, Ontario

We have a beautiful seven bedroom lodge and if the opportunity came for us to do it all again, we wouldn't hesitate as long as we had Mike Parlevliet and his crew to do the work for us.

- Peter Hiscox, Ontario

Mike Parlevliet has managed to find the best people for quality and dependability. Any problems were rectified right away. We were also impressed with how clean the site remained throughout the project.

- Dan Charlebois, Yukon

We'd recommend Linwood. We were very happy with the quality of service and with the builder, Mike Parlevliet. We're satisfied with the whole experience.

- Graham Walker, Ontario

We give Mike Parlevliet top marks. He really knows what to do. This wasn't our first building experience but it was, the best.

- Frank Bezzina, Ontario

Besides the fact that the house is absolutely perfect, the other thing that impressed us about our building experience was the quality of workmanship and the professionalism of those who worked on it. Mike Parlevliet was phenomenal and he and his crew worked diligently to make sure all details were attended to.

- Dave Coones, Ontario

Contractor's License: 161083043