Custom Home Building in the Peterborough Ontario Area

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Better Home Building


M. Parlevliet Construction helps you understand the home building process and work within your home building budget. We explain the process in a way that allows you to make informed decisions. This helps you to create a detailed new home budget, giving you more financial control. We communicate with you during the entire new home building process to meet your home design and home building goals.


Using the right materials or house kit to build your new home is important. Better quality framing lumber may have a slightly higher up-front cost, but will make new home building faster, save on finishing costs, and reduce waste. Better windows will save on home energy costs, reduce glare, provide better protection, and require less maintenance.


At M. Parlevliet Construction, our goal is to offer the best balance between appearance, performance and price when building a new custom home. We help you make the best choices when selecting building components. As your custom home building, we work to make sure that your new home is built right, and you get the best possible value.

Contractor's License: 161083043